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Oct 10, 2012 5:00am EDT
economy parking via our website but by and large parking will be very tight. if you can, take mass transit today. >> reporter: gregory, thanks so much for being with us. >> wear some red. very important. >> reporter: of course. this is my only red blazer but i think i'll be wearing this every day this week i think. so you heard it from gregory. if you still want tickets, get here early to get the standing room only tickets. we will have live interviews with lots of folks from the washington nationals coming up throughout the morning show. our next live shot will be coming up at 5:30. annual dray ya, mike, -- andrea, mike, back to you. >> i'm rocking the red as well. >> you all look good in red. >>> in politics, the stakes are high and pro and anti-gambling forces in maryland are spending like there's no tomorrow on their ad campaigns. in november voters will decide whether to expand gambling in the tree state. the baltimore -- free state. "the baltimore sun" reports more than $35 million has been spent so far on the issue. that's more money than the total outplay of the
Oct 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
is coming as better news. the u.s. economy grew modestly in september. the federal reserve says its latest assessment of economic conditions shows an improving housing market, helping many areas of the country last month. at the same time consumer spending was flat or up just slightly. in most of the regions surveyed. >>> more people struggling financially are staying in their homes. foreclosure activity fell in september to a five-month low. according to realty track, california, michigan and georgia saw the biggest drop since foreclosure. that offset a jump in the number of foreclosure notices sent to homeowners in florida, illinois and ohio. so we're starting to see a little bit of improvement around the edges for the economy. >> hopefully more bank restructuring can keep people in their homes, too. >> what do you have for us coming ?up. >> it is open enrollment season. there's some big changes this year about your health care options. we'll talk about that. we'll make it exciting. don't worry. >> you promise? >> it's exciting. >> thank you, jess. you heard her say that. >> i'm l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2